Hello, we have news. 9’6″ HIGH is now postponed due to the costs associated with obtaining building permits. These building upgrades will happen during 2015, but unfortunately not in time for our planned 2015 festival. We offer our thanks to everyone who involved themselves up until this point, and our apologies for having to push pause. Please signup to our mailing list to stay in touch.
Thanks to the artists who contributed to the launch // Mark Coles Smith, Louisa Gibson, Sue Guzic, Pooria Sadr, Ben McKenzie and Pop Up Playground, Julie Shiels, Serra Qendra, Anya Trybala, Aaron Billings, Oddball (William McBride, Kerensa Diball, Maggie Brown, Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez and Toni Main), Asher Rubenstein, Mark Walker, Maggie Brown, Anita Beckman, Dooky Lewis and Greg Giannis.

Greg Giannis’ social cartography will remain open for another week, images or words relating to balaclava or pink william can still be contributed to by messaging 042220492.

    by pink william